Advanced Chemotherapy Treatment


Ziv Medical Center has recently begun offering an advanced chemotherapy treatment using Synergo technology to inject heated Mitomycin C directly into the bladder wall. The aim is to prevent the reoccurrence of bladder cancer in men. The cost of this treatment is fully covered by the Health Ministry's healthcare basket of services.

The treatment is administered in the hospital's out-patient clinic. Only a local anesthetic is required, with the treatment session lasting approximately one hour and, following a short period of rest, the patient is free to return home. Six consecutive treatments are required and it's important to note that there appear to be very few negative side effects.

Synergo is an advanced technology developed here in Israel, where much of the leading research on the subject was carried out, with positive results.

Dr. Ran Katz, head of the Urology Department, Ziv Medical Center, explains that in the past there were 2 possibilities available to urologists as a prevention for the reoccurrence of malignant growths following their initial removal by surgery. The first method involved rinsing the bladder with weakened tuberculosis bacteria (BCG, similar to the inoculation given to children). This procedure caused an infection in the bladder, halting the growth of existing tumors and the reoccurrence of further ones. The second option involved rinsing the bladder with Mitomycin C. The drug is not absorbed into the bloodstream, causing fewer negative side effects, but proved less effective. "Ten years ago experiments were begun in Israel and abroad, injecting heated Mitocymin C into the bladder. It was found that Mitomycin C heated to 42-45 degrees Centigrade was better absorbed into the bladder wall and therefore a more effective treatment", said Dr. Katz.

Cancer of the bladder is the fourth most common form of cancer in men and the eighth in women. It appears generally after the age of 40, and is three times more prevalent among men than among women. Main risk factors are smoking and continuous exposure to paints and petrochemical substances.

These growths can generally be removed by endoscopic surgery. More advanced tumors or reoccurring growths are traditionally treated by rinsing the bladder. This rinsing supplements the initial surgery.

Ziv Medical Center is pleased to join other leading medical centers in Israel and the world in offering the advanced Synergo medical technology for the benefit of the local population.