Ziv Medical Center

Ziv's new Pediatric Pulmonary Clinic

As part of Ziv's strategy to expand and increase the medical services available to residents of the north, a pulmonary pediatric clinic opened, headed by Dr. Hussein Dabach, a senior pediatrician and specialist in children’s pulmonary disorders.

Dr. Ivgeny Solomonov, Da Vinci & Hong Kong

Dr. Ivgeny Solomonov, Director of the surgical department at Ziv Medical Center, one of the world's leading surgeons in robotic liver and pancreatic surgery, was invited to lecture at the prestigious 10th International Conference on Robotic Surgery (CRSA) in Hong Kong.

Eighty Five New Graduates

In a festive and moving ceremony, 85 new nurses were certified as graduates of the School of Nursing at Ziv Medical Center.

Visiting Hours Maternity Ward

The visiting hours of the Maternity Ward have changed

Government Promise to the North

The Ministry of Finance has announced that hospitals in the north of the country, including Ziv Medical Center, will receive funding for development and reinforcement, at a total cost of NIS 50 million