No Need for Ear Incision


The Ear Nose and Throat Department is expanding their operations and its staff of specialists by the recent addition of Dr. Masoud Seker who specializes in ear surgery.

As part of the expansion of service, the department has acquired advanced medical equipment: a microscope for sophisticated surgery; an instrument for continuous monitoring of facial nerves, greatly reducing the risk of nerve injury during ear surgery; a unique surgical drill and photography equipment for documentation.

Dr. Seker has already performed several advanced endoscopic ear operations in the department, without making an incision behind the ear. This kind of operation has rarely been performed in the country and up until now has never been performed in the north. Dr. Seker completed his residency in ENT diseases and head and neck surgery in B’nei Zion Hospital in Haifa. For two years he underwent special training in leading Medical Centers in Israel and the world over in the field of ear surgery. In addition to his clinical work in the ENT clinic and operating rooms, Dr. Seker will coordinate the specialized training and education of the medical students from the Bar-Ilan Faculty of Medicine in Zefat and along with the department physicians, will perform clinical research in the field of ear medicine.

Dr. Peter Gilby, Director of the Otolaryngology Department said that the addition of Dr. Seker to the department allows growth and improvement in a variety of treatment options for ear diseases. Dr. Gilby added that the goal of the department is to provide the residents of the Galilee with the best care by recruiting outstanding physicians and acquiring advanced medical equipment. “The department is developing and advancing constantly and works with highest standards both in terms of treatment and in terms of advanced instrumentation and medical technology. With Dr. Seker joining the team, the department has been significantly strengthened. I wish him much success in his new role” said Dr. Gilby.

From the left: Dr. Massoud Seker during the ear operation