Establishment of a Radiotherapy Unit at the Ziv Medical Center is Underway


At last, the Ziv Medical Center has embarked on the journey towards realizing its dream of establishing a Radiotherapy Unit as an integral service offered by Ziv's Oncology Institute. In anticipation of the tractors and bulldozers which will begin their work later on during the month, a final coordination meeting was held between Ziv's Management and Engineering Department, representatives from the Ministry of Health, representatives from Domark Technologies Ltd., who will be managing and supervising the project and representatives from TURAG Ltd., the construction company hired to construct the reinforced building in which the Radiotherapy Unit will be housed.

Currently there are only six public hospitals in the country offering radiotherapy services and the Ziv Medical Center will be the first "Non Super Hospital" (such as Rambam, Ichilov, Hadassah and Tel Hashomer), which will operate a Radiotherapy Unit.

Dr. Oscar Embon, Director of Ziv Medical Center stated that "the establishment of the Unit is an important step towards decreasing the inequalities in health indicators and in access to health care between the peripheral and central areas of the country. It will answer the needs of the many oncology patients in the northern region, who currently have to travel long distances to receive radiation treatments" Dr. Embon said that he was very pleased to announce to the residents of the Galilee that following a lengthy struggle, Ziv is finally embarking on this important project.

The Ziv Medical Center has approval from the Ministry of Health to begin the construction of the first stage of the building, which will include the skeleton and basic medical infrastructure. The Ministry has pledged a sum of $US 3 million for this stage.

During this period of time, which will begin towards the end of January 2013 and will take approximately 18 months to complete, Ziv faces the challenge of raising

$US 6 million to complete construction and an additional $US 5.5 to purchase the required equipment.

Assistance in raising these funds will be greatly appreciated and will make a huge contribution to the residents of the Galilee and Golan Heights who will benefit from radiotherapy services far closer to their homes than those available today.

In the picture (l to r): Mr. Yuval Yehezkel, Project Inspector, Domark; Mr. Oren Hayman-Holzer, Director of TURAG; Dr. Embon, Director, Ziv Medical Center; Mr. Meir Hamuz, Administration Director, Ziv Medical Center; Mr. Shimon Eynan, Founder and Operating Director of Domark.