A first at Ziv – Arthroscopic Repair


Ziv's Orthopedic Department is extending its treatments as well as its range of orthopedic surgery. For the first time, arthroscopic shoulder surgery was performed, by two specialists who joined Ziv's medical team in the past year - Dr. Vassili Tcheremissne, a specialist in shoulder and upper limbs orthopedics and Dr. Noam Reshef, a specialist in sports orthopedics as well as foot and ankle orthopedics.

Shoulder arthroscopy is surgery that uses a tiny camera called an arthroscope to examine or repair the tissues inside or around the shoulder joint. The arthroscope is inserted through a small incision in the patient's skin.

Arthroscopic surgery requires great expertise and skill, its advantage is that it does not require a big incision and thus narrows the risk of damaging tissue, nerves and blood vessels. In most cases recovery is faster than in regular surgery as is the return to full activity. The surgery scar is minute and heals rapidly.

Dr. Tcheremissne expressed his satisfaction with the patient's recovery. He stated that "with the increase in life expectancy and the fact that people are very active at later ages, there is frequent damage to the muscles around the shoulder resulting from wear and tear rather than from injuries."