3D Echocardiography


The Cardiology Department at Ziv Medical Center, headed by Dr. Majdi Halabi, continues to upgrade the services offered to residents of the north. A sophisticated echocardiography machine, one of the most advanced available in this field, has recently been installed in the department.

The device can present and analyze precise high resolution, 3-D cardiac images, assisting the medical team in the diagnosis, evaluation and follow-up of patients with any suspected or known heart disease. The results of the echo examination enable the physicians to decide on the most appropriate treatment. In addition, the new machine allows for 3-dimensional examinations via the patient's esophagus (Trans-esophageal echocardiography) which enables more accurate diagnosis in specific cardiac conditions especially when evaluating valvular heart disease.
This examination is also very important for patients with suspected systemic infections that can involve the heart structures.
The echo examination is used for a wide range of cases: following heart attacks, patients suffering from valve complications, patients with diseases relating to the heart muscle, patients requiring an investigation of brain embolism, patients prior to or in the process of chemotherapy, etc. It is user friendly, both for the physician and for the patient because the transducer used for the examination is small and does not cause discomfort to the patient nor require complex operation for the physician.

Dr. Majdi Halabi
, says that the machine will enable his team to perform state of the art examinations and treatments in the department, enabling them to increase the quality of treatment offered "This is one of the most innovative machines available in the world. It is easy to operate and provides top quality imaging. The examination is simple and enables us to receive extremely reliable information which we use to match the best treatment, personally adjusted for each one of our patients" says Dr. Halabi.

In recent years the most technologically advanced equipment has been purchased for many of Ziv's Departments, to be used for the benefit of the residents of the north, enabling them to receive the best possible treatment, without having to travel long distances to distant medical facilities. In addition, specialists from leading hospitals in the country have joined Ziv's medical team, enabling the hospital to open additional specialized clinics.

Picture: Dr. Majdi Halabi, head of the Cardiology Department performing an examination with the new echocardiography machine