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  Medical Specialist

Prof. Jamal Zidan, MD




Yulia Schneider, MD, Senior physician
Safadi Muataz, MD
Amira Avzach, Head nurse
Sigalit Tamam, Oncological nurse
Ana Chembalov, Oncological nurse
Tatiana Glazer, Social worker
Liat Eder
Sima Shakir
Carmit Walster, Breast clinic


 Institute Information


The Institute of Oncology provides treatment for residents of the region suffering from cancer. The permanent staff includes doctors, nurses, social workers, psychologists, dieticians and laboratory workers.

There is a day treatment division where chemotherapy and supportive platelet therapy is given.

In the clinic for counseling and follow-up and in the clinic for genetic counseling, a variety of tests are administered by oncologists and surgical specialists as well as specialists in orthopedics, gynecology, infertility, neurology, urology, pain management and more.

Leading research studies in cancer and genetics are carried out at the Institute in collaboration with other hospitals and major institutes in Israel and around the world.

For a number of years, the management of the Oncology Institute along with the executive management of the Ziv Medical Center, the local municipalities and councils and the residents of the north, have been waging a struggle for the establishment of a Radiation Institute in Zefat. This would provide for the residents of the area all treatments under one roof. The Ministry of Health has finally approved this request and soon an extensive and modern Institute of Radiotherapy at the Ziv Medical Center will be established. As part of this process, the Oncology Institute will be embarking on a big developmental project that will include large-scale construction, the building of an advanced research laboratory and improvement of patient services.


 Useful Information



The Institute is located in the new building to the left of the main building.


04-6828651, 04-5828550
Fax: 04-6828621

Email: margalit.s@ziv.health.gov.il 


Sunday through Thursday 08:00-16:00


 Academic and Reaserch Activities


Academic Activities: 

  • Prof. Zidan is a Senior Lecturer in the Technion Faculty of Medicine, Haifa. His activates in the Faculty include:
    Lectures for 4th 5th and 6th year medical students in the Technion and in the oncology department of Rambam.
  • Participating in medical seminars and lectures in the Oncology Department at Ziv and other medical centers and hospitals in the country, including lectures for residents and preparation for internship exams.
  • Lectures in training courses for new immigrants in the Ziv Medical Center and in Rambam, Haifa. 
  • Active participation, including presentations, several times a year at national and international conferences worldwide.


Research Activities: 

  • Participation in international clinical research protocols, such as for new drugs and gearing for novel therapeutic treatment for cancer patients. 
  • Basic science research designed to track changes in cancer patients on the laboratory level. 
  • Studies in cell-scan 
  • Early detection of prostate cancer using the cell-scan device. 
  • Breast cancer research aimed at early detection of the disease in healthy women by screening and early detection of recurrence in patients who were treated and are being monitored. 
  • Studies of radioactive treatments of malignant diseases, such as treatment with radioactive iodine in patients with thyroid cancer and radioactive therapy for the treatment of bone mestases and more.