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Sergio Shvalb, MD




Boris Zilman, MD, Pathology specialist

Evgeny Dimeintib, MD, Resident

Irina Rosenzweig, MD, Resident


Orit Dahan, Secretary of Pathology Institute
Ortal Kadosh, Secretary of Cytology Unit


 Institute Information


The Institute deals with the diagnosis and classification of benign and malignant tumors and diagnosing processes in precancerous and cancers in various tissues. All tests are performed using modern and advanced equipment. When necessary, the Institute seeks outside advice in Israel and abroad.

The Institute uses advanced testing methods in order to provide the attending physician with as much information as possible. With the help of these methods, the type of tumor and its characteristics can be determined with certainty so that the patient will be treated in the best way possible.

Each year about 10,000 biopsies are prepared and about 2,500 cytology swabs are examined as well as secondary tests that help in eliminating malignant cells and reduce the risk of relapse. The Institute works closely with the operating theaters and assists the surgeons to diagnose various findings in real time.

The Institute sends tissue samples for molecular testing and collaborates with the Department of Hematology.


 Useful Information


entrance level of the Medical Center

Institute Director: 04- 6828318
Dr. Chilman: 04- 6828319
Doctors’ office: 04- 6828312
Institute secretary: 04-6828858, 04-6828856
Fax: 04-6828627


 Academic and Reaserch Activities


The Institute director, Dr. Sergio Shvalb, is a senior lecturer in the Faculty of Medicine at Bar-Ilan University Zefat and is responsible for its pathology studies. Dr. Shvalb also taught at the Technion Medical School, Haifa and in regional colleges.