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The Physiotherapy Institute provides a wide range of physical therapy services to patients hospitalized in the different departments. It is also open to patients who apply directly or through their Health Funds, the Ministry of Defense, insurance companies and other bodies.

There are group exercise classes for spinal rehabilitation, prevention of osteoporosis and exercise for hemiplegia (paralysis of half the body) following initial rehabilitation. Groups open according to demand and need, including additional special groups for different purposes. Each patient receives the full treatment he/she needs, recognizing and understanding that that the duration of the treatment will be shortened and patient recovery will be expedited.

The staff sees the patient as a partner in his/her treatment and thus he/she is transformed from passive to active. It is our belief that each rehabilitative treatment is an educational act where the person learns to live with his/her limitations. Beyond physiotherapy where the improvement is specific for the physical condition, the patient also must learn how to take care of his/her body in order to prevent relapse.

The Institute staff was trained in different treatment methods including: hydrotherapy, electrotherapy, respiratory therapy, rehabilitation of the hand and upper limb, manual lymph drainage, lumbar mobilization according to the Maitland approach for central and peripheral joints (cervical and lumbar spine), reflexotherpy, craniosacral therapy and neurological rehabilitation from the Bobath approach.

There are ten treatment stations in the Institute with all necessary equipment – ultrasound, shortwave, whirlpool baths, heating and cooling pads, traction beds, parallel bars, cylinders and Bobath balls, exercise steps, electrical equipment (Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve (TENS), motor and sensory, interferential, vacuum) that enables diagnosis and advanced treatments such as nerve conductivity tests, rehabilitation of motor and sensory injuries and treatments for reducing pain. 


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Sunday – Thursday between 07:00-16:00 It is possible to schedule later visits.
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Lymphatic Drainage

The health funds finances up to 80% of the expensive treatment "manual lymphatic drainage" after recently recognizing the importance of this supporting treatment. This treatment is a special massage therapy performed by the qualified and professional team of the Physiotherapy Institute. Lymphedema occurs when protein rich fluid accumulates in the skin tissue due to dysfunction of the lymphatic system, causing swelling. It can occur following lower abdominal surgery such as hysterectomy, prostate surgery, and radiation therapy, as a result of infection like fungus between the toes, after injury or fracture and subsequent disease. This is chronic disease that is incurable and without treatment it may cause recurrent infections, limitation of motion and decreased daily function.