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Ofer Klein, MD

Yehudit Hochman 
Coordinator of Research



Igor Krasnov, MD
Ayelet Omer Armon, MD
Adel Shalata, MD
Muhamed Azav, MD
Tali Keren, MSc
Adi Nov-Sharabi, MSc
Pazit Anker Ohana, engineer
Bat-el Tayar, Engineer
Elham Morani, MSc
Shikma Mordecai, MSc
Keren Ophir, Secretary of Genetic Institute


 Institute Information


The Research Division of the Ziv Medical Center is a unique body in the landscape of public medical centers. The division was established in order to provide appropriate working conditions and physical infrastructure for the medical staff interested in developing areas of research and also to bring academics to the hospital. Additionally, it enables the local population (schools, colleges) to conduct research projects in the domain of the Medical Center.

The heterogeneous staff of the division oversees a wide range of specialized topics: biochemistry, molecular genetics, cytometry, psychoneuroimmunology, chemistry, biomedical engineering, statistics, bioinformatics and more. There are four different bodies working within the division that provide a range of services:

Clinical Genetic Laboratory – The laboratory includes a series of extensive tests and provides genetic counseling for those that need it. The laboratory is directed by Dr. Yoram Cohen and offers a variety of genetic services for area residents and those in the Galilee region.

BIOCEP Company - BioCep is an Israeli medical device research company that developed a superior system for separation of rare cells from various clinical sources. This opens the door to a wide variety of applications that until now could not be realized. BioCep developed an application to identify genetic defects in the fetus in the first weeks of pregnancy by a simple blood test. These tests are meant to replace the amniotic fluid tests and various screening tests. The device is marketed and sold in Israel and abroad. The Division of Research continues to serve as the company's development center.

Statistics Unit – The Unit provides a range of research services and the building of systems analysis and testing, writing reports, statistical and biostatistical advice. Adi Nov-Sharabi is the coordinator of the unit.

Cytometry – The Research Division is equipped with the best cytometry apparatus, FACS, and various microscopes: flouresceine, polarized light and custom cameras. Bat-el Tayar is responsible for operating the equipment.


 Useful Information



The Research Division is located in the basement of the Oncology Institute building.


Office: 04-6828827, 077-6828827
Director: 04-6828878, 077-6828878
Fax: 04-6923753


Division coordinator:
Sun- Thurs 8.00 – 15.00
Genetic consultations: Monday, Wednesday, 9.00 – 14.00
Clinical consultations: Wednesday, 9.00 – 13.00
Blood tests- Sunday – Thursday 9.00 – 14.00 to be coordinated in advance
  Tel: o4-6828451/301 Fax: 04- 6828159


 Academic and Research Activities


Research activities supported by the Division include:

Basic Science: Physicians that are interested in carrying out their basic science research work during their rotations may contact the Research Division with their own ideas or join one of the existing projects being carried out.

Theses of high school students: High school students wishing to make their thesis as part of their matriculation exams can do so at the Research Division. This program received praise and awards at various competitions and by the Ministry of Education.

Lectures in medical sciences: The Division staff organizes a series of lectures at regional schools for the "medical sciences" track.