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Ariela Elik Lev, Project Coordinator
Orna Zuck, Physiotherapist, Clinic Manager
Vivian Alexander, Orthotist and Physiotherapist
Sharon Eisenberg, Physiotherapist
Liora Shenyuk, Physiotherapist
Hadas Ringer, Physiotherapist
Tali Yalon, Physiotherapist
Ranin Hlihal, Physiotherapist
Tamar Brener Gazit, Physiotherapist 
Regina Hassan, Physiotherapist  
Maya Shlisel Yirmiyahu, Physiotherapist  

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The Ziv Walker Clinic was established at the Ziv Medical Center in 2000. The purpose of the clinic is to enable children with cerebral palsy and similar disabilities to experience movement and mobility.
The clinic has a professional staff of developmental physiotherapists with experience in child rehabilitation. The staff fit each child individually with a training and walking rehabilitative device, according to his/her needs.

The devices available at the clinic:
Hart Walker
Nf Walker
Innowalk pro

The devices are modular and may be adjusted in accordance with the child's rate of growth and changing abilities.
The process of referral to the clinic includes a number of stages:
-Request from the parents and/or the professional care givers
-Evaluation by the Clinic staff
-Adjustment of the device and personal fitting at the Ziv Medical Center
-Periodic follow-up by the Clinic staff in the different schools and kinder gardens throughout the country.

The Ministry of Health has approved assistance in financing the NF Walker and the Hart Walke


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The Clinic is located in the Child’s Development Center, near the nursing school.

Clinic room: (972)4-6828710 077-6828710
Fax: : (972)4-6828040  077-6828040





Monday through Thursday, 08:00-15:00  

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  Instruction Film For Innowalk pro