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Miriam Zucker - Director 




Janna Fraimchuk, Laboratory staff member

Irina Perry, Laboratory staff member

Sena Azam, Laboratory staff member

Christian Sousan, Laboratory staff member

Nurit Geiger - Secretary


 Laboratory Information


The laboratory provides diagnostic services in various infectious diseases caused by types of pathogens like bacteria, fungi and parasites, from clinical samples taken from patients with infectious diseases. Lab work is done in several units depending on the area of operations. The units operating in the microbiological laboratory are:


Serology: syphilis, brucella, hepatitis ABC, EBV, CMV, Q-fever, Rickettsia, Toxoplasma.

Blood cultures. 

Identification and sensitivity of bacteria: a review of the bacteria with antibiotic resistance mechanisms.

Stool: parasites, bacteria and gastroenteritis factors, Clostridium toxin.

Blood parasites: malaria and Borrelia.


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The laboratories are located in the laboratory area on the ground floor entrance, near the emergency room.


Lab: 04-6828854
Lab director: 04-6828853, 077-6828853
Fax: 04-6828851, 077-6828851

Email: mir.z@ziv.health.gov.il 


Every day from 07:00-15:00
On call 24 hours


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General guidelines for taking samples for lab testing – Newsletter for the therapist