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Etti Amir
Unit director


Eti Amir, Coordinator for diabetes, dietician for juvenile diabetes clinic, pediatric endocrinology and clinic for early childhood eating disorders.
Shira Nechushtan, Internship training coordinator, dietician for the pediatric department, day care and kindergarten for child development, juvenile diabetes and endocrinology clinic, gastroenterology clinic for infants and children.
Ramia Geries, Committee for parenteral nutrition, dietician for internal medicine A and geriatric departments.
Oshrat Baram, Dietician for departments of surgery, OB/GYN and in the bariatric surgery clinic.
Liat Even, Dietician for departments of internal medicine B, neurology and institute of oncology.
Lior Chodshi, Dietician for general intensive care unit, surgery, maternity, dialysis and clinic for pre-dialysis, nutrition counseling in the outpatient clinic.

 Unit Information


The importance of nutrition for proper development is well recognized. For the hospitalized person, it is particularly important for the patient to have nutritional support, which contributes to improved clinical results, maintains proper function of the body and immune system and reduces risks of various complications during hospitalization. Nutritional support also provides essential information for the patient and his family even after hospitalization.

Patients who need nutritional support receive a tailored personal menu with dietary enrichment according to their needs. Training for the patient and loved ones is provided as well as consultation with the medical staff when it comes to special dietary needs. The unit also works in cooperation with the kitchen staff to continually improve the Medical Center's menu according to the current recommendations.

Patients who need it, a tailored personal plan includes a menu, dietary enrichment by providing necessary patient education and consulting medical staff when it comes to special needs. In addition, the unit works with the kitchen staff to continually improve on the Medical Center, according to current recommendations.

The unit consists of eight dieticians where each dietician is responsible for a number of departments in which he specializes. A clinical dietician possesses a BSc degree in nutritional science and licensed by the Ministry of Health for the paramedical professions. They have also successfully passed practical training and governmental examinations. The clinical dietician is an important and integral part of the multi-disciplinary medical treatment team and is committed in providing updated, scientifically based nutritional counseling and therapy.


 Useful Information


Fax: 04-6828804


Sunday – Thursday: 08:00-1:00

Clinic Hours:

Bariatric clinic: Thursdays from 12:00.
Please call the outpatient clinic for appointment - 04-6828879/80.
Juvenile diabetes and endocrinology clinic: Sunday-Wednesday 08:00-14:00
Please call for appointment - 04-6828552.
Paradialysis Clinic: Mondays 08:30-11:00
Pediatric gastroenterology: Thursdays 10:00-12:00.
Please call the outpatient clinic for appointment - 04-6828879/80.
Clinic for eating disorders in children: Thursdays10:00-12:00 once a month.
Please call the outpatient clinic for appointment - 04-6828879/80.


 Additional Information


"Metuktanim B'reshet" - Established by the juvenile diabetes clinic at the Ziv Medical Center in cooperation with the "Kav-Or" organization. The website deals with nutrition and diabetes and includes an interactive game to practice counting carbohydrates – not only for children! (Hebrew)

"Recipe Analyses" – from the Food Dictionary website. Allows calculating nutritional values of a variety of food and dishes. User friendly site and provides reliable values (Hebrew)

Nutrition Data – website containing detailed information about different foods (English)

"Atid" – Israel Dietetic Association provides health recipes, the Association's official comments, articles published in the media and more (Hebrew).

"Metukim" – a wonderful website full of useful information for diabetics (Hebrew).

The Ministry of Health – Department of Nutrition – provides information and important advice to the general public. Here you will find useful dietary recommendations.

EatRight – the American Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics website containing information and dietary recommendations (English).