Occupational Therapy


Unit Director:
Ariella Rosenblum
Email: ariela.r@ziv.health.gov.il

Deputy Director:
Miriam Botzer, Head of Pediatric O.T.
Email: miriam.botzer @ ziv.health.gov.il

Occupational therapy is the use of assessment and intervention to develop, recover, or maintain the meaningful activities of individuals, groups, or communities.
It is an allied health profession. OTs work with people with mental health problems, disabilities, injuries, or impairments.
Common occupational therapy interventions include helping children with disabilities to participate fully in school and social situations, injury rehabilitation, and providing supports for older adults experiencing physical and cognitive changes.

The intervention process in occupational therapy includes:

1. Collecting information to create a profile: examining where there is a difficulty in performing tasks necessary to maintain a normal daily routine.

2. Assessment of skills required to perform everyday tasks: physical-sensory, emotional, social, behavioral, cognitive, meta-cognitive such as: attention span, perception, memory, orientation, management skills and learning ability.

3. Assessment of the impact of environmental factors on functioning such as: people, physical structure, support systems and barriers and cultural contexts.
All of this data will be calculated as an intervention route aimed at improving a person's ability to regain control of his life. Consultation is also held with other care providers.
The occupational therapy service at Ziv is mainly involved in the fields of child care, psychiatry, neurology, geriatrics, and orthopedics.

Pediatric occupational therapy:

Occupational Therapy clinics of the Child Development Unit treat sensory regulation disorders, motor impairments, attention deficit disorders, learning disabilities and developmental disabilities.
Occupational therapists conduct evaluations in cooperation with the multi-disciplinary staff of the Child Development Unit; they make diagnoses, conduct individual treatments, offer parental guidance and facilitate parent groups.

The unit's team works to develop and implement unique treatment approaches such as:

1. "Hand on the Pulse" - a treatment group that includes therapeutic martial arts groups and therapeutic sports.
2. "Yaelim Club" for children with CP and neuromuscular difficulties.
3. "Tal’s Corner" - virtual reality games
4. Rehabilitation - therapeutic kitchen
5. "Play Project" for children with ASD
6. Multi-sensory environment treatment (MSE)

The occupational therapists work in additional settings outside the Child Development Unit:
In the rehabilitation center they provide assessment, care, parental guidance and staff training; they facilitate a parents group at the attention and concentration clinic; in the Eating Disorders Clinic, they share multidisciplinary assessments, conduct diagnoses, counsel parents and caregivers.

The occupational therapy clinics of the Child Development Unit also provide services to the hospital's inpatient departments: neonatal intensive care (ICU), pediatric intensive care, and the pediatric ward. The occupational therapists assess and, when necessary, treat, guide parents and guide staff in the wards.

Useful information:

Location: Rambam Road, Safed,
Ziv Medical Center, Institute for Child Development, located between the School of Nursing and Beit Ida Child Health Center.

Phone numbers:


Referral procedure:
A referral from the healthcare provider at the HMO should be sent to the Child Development Unit office.
The secretariat staff will contact you to invite your child to a diagnosis and then for therapy.

Miriam Bozer - Occupational Therapist, Child Developmental Unit; Deputy Head, Occupational Therapy Unit, Pediatrics; responsible for “Hand on the pulse" therapy group.
Ilanit Oppenheim - Occupational Therapist Unit, Child Development Unit; Child and Adolescent Mental Health inpatient department.
Yifat Alcaslesi - Occupational Therapist, Child Developmental Unit; facilitator of parents’ groups, ADHD clinic.
Orna Gabrieli - Occupational Therapist, Child Developmental Unit; in charge of “Play Project” therapy group for children with ASD.
Sol Mor Yoseph - Occupational Therapist, Child Developmental Unit; Eating Disorders Clinic
Sapir Nir - Occupational Therapist, Child Development Unit; therapeutic sports groups
Racheli Amos - Occupational Therapist, Child Development Unit
Amira Finkel - Occupational Therapist, Child Development Unit
Rosie Koren - Occupational Therapist, Child Development Unit
Nabila Shanan - Occupational Therapist, Child Development Unit; adult psychiatric ward
Ruthie Shipov - Occupational Therapist, Child Development Unit; Neonatal Intensive Care Unit, "Hand on the Pulse" therapy group.