Prof. Jamal Zidan Receives a “Distinguished Service” Medal


Prof. Jamal Zidan, Director of the Oncology Institute at the Ziv Medical Center was awarded the “Distinguished Service” medal at the official ceremony of the Annual Meeting of the Society for Medicine and Law in Israel.

Prof. Zidan has been the director of the Oncology Institute since its inception 15 years ago. He is a member of scientific organizations worldwide, the National Council of Oncology in Israel and of academic organizations in the USA and Europe. He has carried out numerous studies in oncology, of particular interest is the 10-year study he conducted on the development of breast cancer in women in the Arab sector. Prof. Zidan is a well sought after lecturer in international conferences and serves as the head of oncology instruction at the Faculty of Medicine of the Bar-Ilan University in Zefat.

Over the years, Prof. Zidan has advocated for cancer patients' rights in the north, requesting that they receive equal treatment as that received by patients in the center of the country. Currently he is active in establishing the first Radiotherapy Institute in the northern region of the country.

Among those attending the ceremony were Dr. Leonid Eidelman, Chairman of the Israel Medical Association (IMA), Doron Barzilay, Chairman of the Israel Bar Association, Eli Zohar, President of the Medicine and Law Association in Israel, Ilan Bombach, Chairman of the Association for Medicine and Law, Prof. Nili Tabak, Member of the presidium of the Association and retired Justice Dalia Dorner, Chairman of the awards committee.

“Prof. Jamal Zidan combines professional expertise and a unique ability to inspire confidence in patients with the most severe illness as well as their families" the Committee stated in its recommendations. Justice Dorner added that Prof. Zidan receives an endless amount of letters of praise and recommendations from his patients, that describe him as a “special person, humble and outstanding in his performance and contribution to society”.

Dr. Leonid Eidelman noted in his speech that recipients for the distinguished service award for 2012 are an outstanding example for all physicians regarding dedication and commitment to patients, teaching and research. “The IMA congratulates the Distinguished Service guests of honor and wishes them many years of achievements catering for the welfare of the patients. Their life stories serve as an inspiration to other physicians” said Eidelman.