End of Ziv School Year Ceremony


The special needs school "Ziv" which is run as part of the Mental Health Clinic for Youth at the Ziv Medical Center, celebrated its end of the school year ceremony with a joyous party and the participation of parents and students. The Mayor of Zefat, Mr. Ilan Shohat, was among the honored guests, along with the hospital's managing director and senior administrative staff, doctors, nurses, staff members, parents and relatives. During the ceremony, the pupils gave a musical performance with songs they wrote and composed themselves and presented an exhibition of works of art and creative writing. As part of the moving event, the students ran a "designer coffee house" where they hosted the guests and parents, providing them with drinks and homemade refreshments.

Ziv school's principal, Ms. Noga Ben-Sasson, stated that “Graduation is very important for all of us. The pupils, who are teenagers hospitalized following a mental crisis, put on an amazing performance that generated enthusiasm and pride in all of us. This was a celebration of the power, ability and hope that gave strength to the youth and their parents and demonstrated their ability to cope and overcome hardships. More importantly, this was an opportunity to acknowledge the daily difficulties faced by these youngsters and to laude them for their great achievement – their personal decision to overcome their crisis or illness, to come to school, learn, create and grow".

The Ziv School provides education and care for children and adolescents who are hospitalized and treated in the Medical Center. The school operates in cooperation with the Department of Mental Health for Youth and alongside the day care Eating Disorders Center, in the juvenile psychiatric clinic. This unique project has provided classrooms for pupils, offering them education while they are hospitalized, preventing them from dropping-out of the school framework to which they may return once no longer in need of hospitalization.

The Ziv school recently won the Ministry of Education's district education award for the 2011-12 school year. The Awards Committee noted the rare and successful cooperation between the educational and medical systems that work together for the benefit and wellbeing of the young patients.