Green Hospital


The Ziv Medical Center is fast embarking on projects aimed at increasing awareness to the environment. A unique recycling pilot project in the Department for Internal Medicine A has been launched with the aim of advancing the concept of "A Green Hospital" which will better serve the welfare of patients and staff.

It is well known that hospitals create a large quantity of refuse, characteristically, 80% constitutes perishable waste. With a view to coping with this large quantity of waste, Ms. Yael Levi, a nurse in the Internal Medicine A Ward, initiated the recycling project. A number of recycling bins for collecting paper, medicine packages, bottles, cardboard boxes, etc. have been placed in the ward. Implementation of this project has a number of stages, commencing with the approval of the hospital's management, establishing contact with external organizations working with recycling, showcasing the project in the ward and providing the ward and auxiliary staff with intensive training as to the importance and usage of the recycling bins.

An examination of the preliminary results indicates a great success, with a visible increase in the recycling of paper and plastic bottles. 21 sacks of paper for recycling were collected in the hospital during April and May, while 65 such sacks were collected in June-July following the implementation of the project.

Following the success of the pilot project, the Ziv Medical Center intends to introduce recycling throughout the hospital, including the public areas. The hospital has approached the Municipality of Zefat with a request to place two large cages for collecting plastic bottles on the premises.