Prof. Neil Bergman Assists in Complicated Orthopedic Surgery


The team of surgeons from the Ziv's Department of Orthopedics joined Prof. Neil Bergman, an Orthopedic Specialist from Melbourne, Australia in two complex hip-joint replacement surgeries.

Prof. Bergman is renowned as one of the world’s leading expert surgeons in joint replacement and complex joint reconstruction.

Dr. David Rotem, Head of the Surgical Hip Unit, who trained under Prof. Bergman in Australia, invited him to assist in two complicated surgery procedures. Dr. Rotem stated that "Such procedures are rare, extremely complicated and require great skill due to the possibility of complications beyond the usual orthopedic surgery. Each surgery lasts 4-5 hours during which there is need for maximum concentration, careful and accurate work".

The first operation in which Prof. Bergman operated was of a 75-year old woman who had been suffering from a right hip joint problem since childhood. She previously underwent five operations in various hospitals and during her last operation, the hip joint was joined in a way that prevented her from any movement. In the 40 years that elapsed since then, she adapted to a life with one leg that was shorter and without the ability to move the joint. During this procedure, the doctors disassembled the affected joint and reconstructed it using special implants.

The second operation was of a 74 year old woman who suffered from congenital hip joint underdevelopment which caused her much pain and restricted her daily functioning. During surgery, the affected joint was reconstructed by the assembly of special implants in her leg.

Both surgeries were performed on the same day with the medical staff present in the operating theater, from seven in the morning until seven in the evening. By Dr. Rotem’s side was a team of physicians from different Departments: Drs. Shachadah Hussein and Irina Mednikov from the Department of Orthopedics and Drs. Alexander Isakson, Director of the Anesthesia Department and Vladimir Potilov. Also present were nurses Marina Green, Adi Elimelech, Orel Reuven, Ilan Maor and head nurse in the operating room Arye Bitton. The surgeries were successful and the patients have fully recovered.

Dr. Alexander Lerner, Director of the Orthopedics Department, noted that “the department is doing all it can in order to provide the best and most advanced services to the residents of the Galilee while at the same time, providing the local staff with an opportunity to learn from an internationally renowned expert in the field. Prof. Bergman is one of the world’s leading surgeons in joint replacement and restoration, particularly in hip replacement. Thanks to him we are able to enhance our capabilities and acquire knowledge which will serve us in future surgeries performed at the Ziv Medical Center”.

From left to right: Dr. Alexander Lerner, Dr. David Rotem and Prof. Neil Bergman