The 100th wounded Syrian


The first seven Syrians casualties were hospitalized in the Ziv Medical Center on February 16th 2013, and on September 15th, three severely wounded Syrians were brought in for treatment, bringing their number to 100.

In the last month and half, the number of wounded being treated at Ziv has significantly increased, with the admittance of 50 casualties in this period alone. Most of the injured were brought to Ziv in critical condition, suffering from extensive shrapnel injuries in all parts their bodies. Presently, there are 16 wounded Syrians hospitalized at Ziv including 6 children and one woman. Two children, aged 15 and 16 are hospitalized in the Intensive Care Unit in critical condition.

Treatment of the wounded Syrians has received much attention from the Israeli media, as well as from visiting media teams from around the world. They are amazed by the warm and professional care the Syrians are receiving, despite the fact that Syria and Israel are "enemies". Red Cross representatives who have visited the wounded Syrians, have expressed their appreciation and gratitude to the hospital staff for their professional and dedicated treatment of the wounded.

Dr. Oscar Embon, Director of the Ziv Medical Center says that Ziv's care of the wounded is based on the Hippocratic Oath and as a humanitarian gesture. "For seven months we have been treating the wounded Syrians who are brought to us by the IDF, most of them in critical condition. Some of the wounded suffer from severe and complicated injuries which require extended care by physicians in different departments and at times, inter-disciplinary teams work together in the operating room. The outcomes are good and the wounded Syrians express their gratitude to the medical staff", says Dr. Embon.

Dr. Embon added that the casualties receive extensive support by the para-medical staff, including social workers, psychologists and physiotherapists during their hospital stay. "Providing comprehensive professional care including para-medical care is very important for the recovery of every hospitalized patient, and more so in the case of the wounded Syrians, who have been exposed to traumatic experiences in Syria".

"Besides the vital emotional support given to the wounded, we also do our best to supply their basic needs: underclothes, necessary hygiene products, games for the children, as well as clothing and medication which they will take with them upon their release from Ziv. Contributions of these items, from many individuals, kibbutzim and villages in the area, as well as from the hospital staff, all deserve a special thanks and much praise", Dr. Embon said.

The Ziv Medical Center has opened a bank account for donations and invites private and public bodies and the general public to donate towards the purchase of much needed medical devices for the wounded Syrians (crutches, wheelchairs, prostheses, etc.) to Bank Discount, Zefat Branch, Account number: 11-098-4459. Ziv's website: