Brazilian Orthopedic Conference


Dr. Alexander Lerner was invited as a guest speaker to the 12th Brazilian Conference on Bone Reconstruction and Elongation
Dr. Alexander Lerner, Head of the Orthopedic Department at the Ziv Medical Center, was one of the five guest speakers at the 12th Brazilian Orthopedic Conference on Bone Reconstruction and Elongation, held on September 5-7, 2013, attended by 250 orthopedists.  Dr. Lerner delivered four papers during the congress, spanning a wide range of topics:
-Severe infection of limbs
-New treatments for complex high energy trauma to limbs
-Severe injuries around ankle joints
-Current treatment of war injuries

During his presentation about the treatment of war injuries, Dr. Lerner discussed a number of cases of severely wounded Syrian children he has treated at the Ziv Medical Center in recent months. Dr. Lerner described the complex injuries the children sustained, mainly from shrapnel and shell explosions. "The injured Syrians", he explained, "are treated in Israel for humanitarian reasons, despite the fact that the countries are 'enemies'".  He detailed the treatment which the casualties received and expressed his satisfaction with the positive medical results as well as the warm and friendly attitude the patients receive from the staff.

Dr. Lerner received a standing ovation from both colleagues and congress participants, who were extremely touched by Israel's humane gesture.