The Omnipod System

Patients at Ziv's Brainin Center for Juvenile Diabetes were chosen to be the first in Israel to connect with the Eros Omnipod System.

Children and adolescents from the Galilee, patients of Dr. Orna Dali-Gottfried and her staff at the Brainin Center for Juvenile Diabetes at the Ziv Medical Center were privileged to be the first in Israel to use the Omnipod System, the only wireless insulin pump in the world, five years ago.

At the end of September, a new device from Geffen Medical was launched, the sophisticated Eros Omnipod system, a wireless insulin pump with the smallest pod in the world. Tthis innovative system has received FDA and Ministry of Health approvals. The latest model of the Eros Omnipod includes an insulin pump, a smart remote pod with exclusive and innovative technologies, the only wireless pump that works without tubes. Its mode of operation allows the optimal combination of comfort and precision insulin delivery, discreet use and maximum flexibility for the user in conducting various daily operations.

Dr. Orna Dali-Gottfried, Director of the Center for Juvenile Diabetes and Pediatric Endocrinology at the Ziv Medical Center, was pleased that the children and youth from the clinic in the Galilee were chosen to use the system and benefit from it. Dr. Dali-Gottfried says that the system is simple to operate, user friendly, discreet and without tubes, something that allows maximum comfort in daily life. The device includes a remote control that features a built-in sugar meter.

The cannula is automatically inserted without a needle, pain or injections and thus eases the connection process and reduces errors. "This is simply a dream come true, the device is small and easy to use while at the same time very sophisticated, enabling a better quality of life for these sick children. Coping with diabetes is not simple and a wireless device with a remote control that allows changes from high to low and updates how much insulin remains in the body, will make their lives easier. The children waited patiently to connect to the device, even the youngest ones were patient, as if they sensed that this device is going to make a huge difference in their lives " said Dr. Dali-Gottfried.

Ms. Edith Broom, from Kibbutz Yaron attended the launch with her son Adam who is 3 years and 3 months old, with juvenile diabetes, said "Beyond the incredible innovative technology of the device, the fact that it is so small and easy enables us to connect the device to other areas of the body and not just to the thigh. On a child's small body there are not many places to place the device. Putting it in the same place all the time causes wounds and scars, so for us, the tiny size of the device is very significant and the technology allows the child a different quality of life and improved treatment. I thank Geffen Medical for investing in the research and the Brainin Center for Juvenile Diabetes for the devoted care of our children and hope that the Ministry of Health will fund the use of this device in all the health clinics for diabetic children".

It is estimated that in Israel half a million people suffer from diabetes and another half a million have impaired fasting glucose levels or sugar loading with no clinical signs of diabetes. More than of 30% of type 2 diabetics are treated with insulin and more than 50,000, including thousands of children and adolescents under the age of 18 have type 1 diabetes (juvenile diabetes), they are insulin dependent and need daily insulin injections or an insulin pump.