Innovative Minimal Invasive Surgery


Minimal invasive surgery of a rectal precancerous polyp, without the need for an incision, was performed for the first time in the surgical department at the Ziv Medical Center. The procedure is a novel technique that has only been performed a few times in Israel and in the world.

The surgery, which was successful, was performed on a 65-year old male resident of the North, who was diagnosed with a localized stage I malignant colorectal tumor measuring
3 1/2 cm that had to be removed immediately to prevent further growth.

In performing this innovative surgery, surgeons Dr. Igor Waksman, Director of Ziv's Surgical Department and Dr. Igor Dashkovsky, a senior surgeon in the department, inserted the laparoscopic surgical instrument into the rectum of the patient, without the need for incision. The surgery took 35 minutes and the patient was discharged to his home after a 24 hour recovery period.

Until now, two kinds of surgeries were acceptable treatments for this kind of growth: open surgery including abdominal incisions and an extensive surgery in the pelvic area or total Transanal Endoscopic Microsurgery (TEM) including use of an iron instrument that is inserted into the rectum to perform the surgery. The new method used at the Ziv Medical Center has several distinct advantages over the two existing methods: the surgery is very short, recovery from the procedure is brief, the instrument used for the surgery is gentle and easy to use, does not cause pain and trauma to the body, the camera laparoscope enables a better visual of the area, there are no side effects such as non-function of the sphincter that was sometimes caused by the old method of surgery.

Dr.  Waksman says that this advanced surgery provides another option for patients, The treatment allows easy recovery and a quick return to normal life, however, he stresses, that the surgery is not for everyone: "This new highly advanced procedure which is not yet being performed in all hospitals in Israel, allows removal of tumors with minimal trauma to the patient's body, easy recovery and no side effects. However, this procedure is not for everyone and depends on the type of tumor and its size as well as the patient's condition. The surgery, performed on a northern resident was very short, 35 minutes as opposed to the usual surgical length of over two hours, was a great success and 24 hours later the patient was discharged to his home in good form, where he can return to his normal routine" said Dr. Waksman.