Juvenile Diabetes Conference at Ziv

The 18th Annual Juvenile Diabetes Conference, an initiative of Dr. Orna Dali-Gottfried, Director of the Brainin Center for Juvenile Diabetes and Endocrinology at the Ziv Medical Center was held at the Faculty of Medicine in Zefat. Among the 350 participants attending the conference were Mr. Ilan Shohat, Mayor of Zefat, Dr. Oscar Embon, Director of the Ziv Medical Center, Ms. Maddy  Jacobson, CEO of the Juvenile Diabetes Association in Israel, Prof. Anthony Luder, Director of Pediatrics at the Ziv Medical Center and Vice Dean at the Faculty of Medicine in Zefat, Prof. Leah Even, Director of Pediatrics at the Western Galilee Hospital and Rabbi Mordechai Bistritzky, Community Chabad leader in Zefat, physicians and leading researchers.
Participants heard lectures on various topics related to diabetes such as prevention and treatment of various phenomena related to the disease, juvenile diabetes and pregnancy, sports and diabetes, nutrition and diabetes and research in genetic engineering in juvenile diabetes. Additionally, exciting activities were held for diabetic children and their families, participants in the conference, including workshops in arts and crafts, sports, dance and more.