Arthroscopy of the Shoulder

Arthroscopic surgery of the shoulder, in which the surgeon inserts an InSpace biodegradable orthopedic balloon designed by "Orthospace", was performed for the first time in the northern region of Israel. The successful operation was performed by Dr. Vassili Tcheremissine assisted by Dr. Noam Reshef, senior physicians in the Orthopedics Department at the Ziv Medical Center. Dr. Eliyahu Adar, Director of the Orthopedics Department at the Wolfson Medical Center and one of the developers of "InSpace" supervised the surgery.

Dr. Vassili Tcheremissine operated on a 41year-old man, a construction worker from the Golan Heights. The man suffered from severe pain and functional impairments as a result of massive tears in the tendons in both shoulders, a condition so severe that it was irreparable. Since it was not possible to operate on both shoulders simultaneously, the surgeons chose to perform surgery first on his left shoulder, which was the more severe of the two.

During surgery, the physicians made two minor incisions on the shoulder through which an optic fiber camera was inserted as well as the surgical tools suited to this procedure. The surgeons performed a thorough cleaning of the nonfunctional tissue of the shoulder and then inserted, through the same incision, a biological balloon in the space that was created. The balloon was then inflated with physiological water to create a buffer between the exposed tendons of the humeral head and the bone.
Dr. Noam Reshef explained that the balloon fills the void in the shoulder for several months, during this time the muscle of the shoulder learns how to function in place of the torn tendons. "The balloon we inserted into the shoulder is made of material that dissolves and is absorbed by the body within 3-4 months. During this time the patient will need physiotherapy in order to improve mobility and to "train" the shoulder muscles to work a little differently. This is a very brief surgery with minimal risk or damage to the area and the recovery process is relatively easy, giving excellent results in the reduction of pain and increasing the range of motion in the shoulder".

Professor Alexander Lerner, Head of Orthopedics at the Ziv Medical Center, notes that the department is doing their best to acquire advanced instrumentation and provide the residents of the Galilee with the most advanced service and care, as is available in the leading hospitals around the world. "The Orthopedics Department at the Ziv Medical Center aspires to the highest standards in terms of treatment and in terms of instrumentation, equipment and medical technology. The department physicians are continuously updated on advanced treatment methods and skilled in using equipment and the latest medical devices. We are expanding the range of operations and services in the department in order to provide our patients with the best professional care possible" says Professor Lerner.