Toddler Undergoes Surgery


Dr. Lili Lunsky-Hayari, Head of the Pediatric Surgery Unit at the Ziv Medical Center, removed a malignant tumor from a seven week-old baby's adrenal gland. The operation was performed in conjunction with the Pediatric Oncology Department at the Schneider Children's Medical Center.
An adrenal neuroblastoma tumor was diagnosed during an ultrasound test prior to the baby's birth. Following the delivery, it was established that the growth was increasing in size, and the decision was made in consultation to remove the tumor surgically.

The complex operation which lasted over two hours was performed by Dr. Lunsky-Hayari together with the Anesthesiology Department, headed by Dr. Alexander Izakson. The baby was transferred to the Pediatric Intensive Care Unit, headed by Dr. Yory Viner, and returned home after 4 days of treatment.
 Dr. Lunsky-Hayari explained that in most cases, congenital neuroblastoma recedes spontaneously, but in about 10% of cases, tumors are found to be malignant and require chemotherapy and radiation treatment in addition to surgery.

"The pre-surgical evaluation of this baby was done at the Schneider Children's Medical Center, where the decision to operate was made. It was recommended that the operation be performed at the Ziv Medical Center, located closer to the child’s home in the Galilee. The operation was successful and the baby will receive follow-up treatment at Schneider. We all wish her a full recovery" said Dr. Lunsky Hayari.

The Pediatric Surgery Unit at the Ziv Medical Center serves the residents of the Upper and Lower Galilee and the Golan Heights, providing a wide range of surgical services to newborns and children under the age of 18. Operations include gastro-intestinal diseases and chest operations, surgery relating to congenital anomalies, hernias and undescended testes, trauma, pediatric oncological surgery and minimal invasive operations (laparoscopy). The Unit also offers an out-patient clinic which provides consultations and diagnosis in complex cases, pre-operative preparation and follow-up.