Ankle Arthroscopy


Dr. Noam Reshef performed a minimally invasive surgical procedure to correct a mal unite calcaneus (heel bone) fracture and align the sub-talar joint, using an advanced 3-D Computed Tomography (CT). Dr. Reshef, a senior Orthopedist at Ziv Medical Center, in charge of treating sport injuries as well as problems relating to feet and ankles, performed this procedure for the first time at the Ziv Medical Center.

This innovative operation was performed on a 54 year old male from one of the villages in the Galilee who suffered from a fractured heel bone that was conservatively treated and healed with bad position and alignment. Upon evaluation in the Ziv outpatient clinic, the patient complained of  movement impediment, strong pains when walking and difficulty in putting on shoes. Following a number of examinations, Dr. Reshef decided that it was necessary to re-align his heel bone and to immobilize his sub-talar joint (which is situated under the ankle joint) following the development of arthritis, with the aim of decreasing the swelling and improving the patient's functioning.

Surgery to align the sub-talar joint has been performed at Ziv in the past, but to-date, the procedure has been performed via open surgery.  Sub-talar arthroscopy uses a thin fiber-optic camera (arthroscope) that can magnify and transmit images of the sub-talar joint and the joint preparation was done under direct visualization. The 3-D CT enables the surgeons to view the position of the bones while operating and perform the necessary corrections, achieving accurate bone position and joint fusion.

The 3-Dimensional CT machine was recently purchased with the assistance of a very generous anonymous donation with matching from the Australian based Pratt Foundation.

According to Dr. Reshef "the use of the arthroscope prevents the need for a large incision, reduces the risk of harming blood vessels or nerves during the procedure and the patient usually requires a shorter period of recuperation and return to full functioning. Using the 3-D CT during the operation enables maximal accuracy while performing the operation. The operation lasted two hours with very successful results. The patient is recovering satisfactorily and will receive periodic follow-up in Ziv's Feet and Ankle Outpatient Clinic".

Prof. Alexander Lerner, Head of the Orthopedic Department at Ziv said that following this successful operation, Dr. Shehade Hussein, Deputy Head of the Orthopedic Department successfully conducted a similar operation. "We intend to extend this service to all the residents of the Galilee and Golan Heights as part of our mission to provide the residents of the region with the most advanced treatment, using sophisticated technology and equipment. The physicians in the Orthopedic Department aspire to provide the highest possible standards of treatment", added Prof. Lerner.