Italian Ambassador Visits Ziv

During their visit to Ziv Medical Center, the Italian Ambassador to Israel, Mr. Francesco Maria Talo, his wife and Fr. Stefano Del Bove, met with Dr. Calin Shapira, Deputy Director at Ziv. In fluent Italian, Dr. Shapira briefed the guests about the life saving humanitarian medical treatment Ziv has been providing to Syrian casualties since February 2013. During this time 437 severely wounded men, women and children have been brought to Ziv as the medical infrastructure in many areas of Syria has been destroyed during the 4 years of civil war raging in their country.

The visitors met with some of the wounded Syrians and inquired about their personal stories and the treatment they have received at Ziv. The Ambassador and his wife were especially moved when visiting the Syrian children hospitalized in the Pediatric Department and were impressed by the devotion of the medical and para-medical staff that spares no effort in providing the patients with the best possible treatment.

Ambassador Talo thanked the staff for their care and said that he has travelled extensively in Israel and has encountered many aspects of the country, but the humanitarian hand extended to the Syrian casualties is unique.

The Ambassador told Dr. Shapira that he is working hard on expanding scientific-medical ties between Italy and Israel and is planning to hold a number of medical conferences in Israel during the summer months. The guests also visited Ziv's Center for Juvenile Diabetes and Pediatric Endocrinology and met with the Center's director, Dr. Orna Dali- Gottfried. The Ambassador commented on the excellent work that is being done in the Center and that he is looking forward to working with them in the framework of the conferences he is initiating.