Social Work Seminar in NY


The Ministry of Health chose Mr. Yaniv Ben Shoshan, Head of Ziv's Social Work Services to represent Israel in an annual eight week International Enhancement of Leadership Program Coordinated and managed by the Department of Social Work Services at the Mount Sinai Hospital in New York City.

During the course, the participants were exposed to a variety of psycho-social treatment services both in hospital set-ups and in the communities and also discussed a wide range of topics including financial management and developing funding opportunities, interdisciplinary collaboration and communication strategies and the social worker’s role in health care settings, social work education, and social work’s contribution to medical education, recruitment practices, performance management, and program development. The participants also met and discussed cooperation with key figures in the field of social work in end-of-life and palliative situations in the USA.

Mr. Ben Shoshan said that the course was extremely well organized, covering a wide variety of interesting subjects. He stated that he returned to Israel with many insights and recommendations which he intends to implement in the social work services at Ziv, in northern Israel social work services as well as on a national level. "The course was an empowering experience and I gained many practical ideas which are suitable for implementation in our services in Israel. I intend to work on a five-year plan for upgrading the social work services in our region, which will enable the establishment of a treatment continuum both in the community and during hospitalization designed for patients and their families during end-of- life care."

"On a national level, I would like to work towards advancing this field, in cooperation with the Ministry of Health and other relevant organizations" he added.
Program participants are invited to give presentations on topics which they are free to choose. Mr. Ben Shoshan gave two presentations at the Mt. Sinai Hospital to a forum of hospital administrators and senior social workers, one of them relating to the humanitarian assistance Ziv Medical Center is providing to Syrian casualties of the civil war in Syrian. His second presentation was devoted to the topic of family intervention in end-of-life situations in the community and during hospitalization, designed to encourage appropriate "letting go" behavior.

Mr. Ben Shoshan's participation in the course was supported by Ziv Medical Center, the Upper Galilee Hospice and the Israel Cancer Association.

(l to r): Prof. Erwin Epstein from NYU, Yaniv Ben Shoshan, Dr. Suzan Bernstein, director of the Department of Social Work at Mt. Sinai Hospital, NY; Social Worker Karen Green from Australia; Social Worker Alisia Gordon, International Seminar Coordinator, Mt. Sinai; Social Worker Louisa Whitham from Australia.