Cardiac Rehabilitation Services in Ziv

Ziv's Cardiac Rehabilitation Center operates a multi-disciplinary preventative and rehabilitative service for patients who had a cardiac event or an invasive intervention such as cardiac surgery, catheterization and/or implantation of a pacemaker or an implanted cardiac defibrillator (ICD).

In the past, residents of the northern region had to travel to distant hospitals in order to receive cardiac rehabilitation services. A year ago, this important service was established at the Ziv Medical Center and has registered excellent results: during 2014, over 600 patients received treatment in the Cardiac Rehabilitation Center, with services increasing from two days a week to a current five.

The Center provides services to a wide range of patients and also offers separate groups for men and women from religious populations. The Center has a modern technological system that enables us to prescribe and implement an individualized program for each patient. The patient's lifestyle, medical, physiological and nutritional needs are built into each personalized program. The process stimulates the patients' recuperation and assists them and their families in regaining their confidence and acquiring long term lifestyle changes.

Participating in Ziv's cardiac rehabilitation program within the framework of a hospital provides a unique dimension which is not available in other regions of northern Israel. Our Cardiology Rehabilitation Center operates under close supervision of Ziv's Cardiology Department and has a multi-disciplinary team which includes a cardiologist, an exercise physiologist, nurses, physiotherapists, a dietitian and a social worker.

The Center also provides monthly lectures for patients and their families, and intends to open a support group for patients under cardiac rehabilitative care.
Dr. Ron Golan, Head of the Ziv Cardiac Rehabilitation and Sports Medicine Center, says that Ziv Medical Center intends to expand its rehabilitative services into additional fields, such as pulmonary medicine, orthopedics, neurology and sports medicine.