Limb Reconstruction Surgery

Prof. Alexander Lerner, Head of Ziv's Orthopedic Department has recently authored a chapter in a book published by Springer on the topic of limb reconstruction surgery.
Prof. Alexander Lerner, acknowledged in orthopedic circles throughout the world as an expert on treating complex high-energy injuries, including war trauma, has recently published a chapter "Acute Temporary Malpositioning for Dealing with Extensive Tissue Loss after Sever High-Energy Trauma to Extremities".

The two additional co-authors of this chapter are Dr. Lucian Fodor from the Emergency District Hospital, Cluj-Napoca in Romania and Prof. Yehuda Ullmann from the Rambam Health Care Campus, Haifa, Israel.
The chapter discusses current techniques of limb salvage following severe high energy injuries to limbs with extensive tissue damage or loss. This technique is based on principles of damage control. In the initial stage of treatment, a temporary mal-alignment enables the surgeons to minimize skin and soft tissue loss and bring together the edges of the wound. At a later stage, once general and local stabilization is achieved, the patient undergoes additional surgery for gradual re-alignment, as well as length and shape restoration.

Prof. Lerner is one of the leading orthopedic surgeons in the world who uses this technique, especially in cases of limb salvage following combat trauma. The technique has successfully been performed on wounded Israeli soldiers and, for the past two years, is successfully being used to treat Syrian casualties. These patients are victims of the civil war raging in Syria, who are hospitalized in Israel as part of the country's humanitarian project to provide life saving treatment to severely wounded Syrian citizens.

The book, edited by Mehmet Kocaoglu, Hiroyuki Tsuchiya and Levent Erlap, was published by Springer and is titled "Advanced Techniques in Limb Reconstruction Surgery". This is Prof. Lerner's second chapter in books published by Springer and in addition, he has two of his own books published by Springer, both in the field of severe trauma injuries.