Technologies and Innovations in Clinical Biochemistry


Leading experts from Israel and abroad participated in a conference on the topic "Technologies and Innovations in Clinical Biochemistry". The participants, experts in a wide range of professions, including science and technology, medical diagnosis in hospitals, laboratory managers and staff, the "next generation" of laboratory technicians, attended the conference, organized by Dr. Jacob Mullerad, Head of the Biochemical Laboratory at the Ziv Medical Center.

The Technologies and Innovations in Clinical Biochemistry Conference, the only conference of its kind held in the northern region of Israel, was initiated in response to the growing need expressed by doctors, researchers and lab technicians for learning opportunities in which they can exchange information and ideas about new technologies and updates in diagnostic science, in the field of clinical biochemistry and automated machines in laboratories.

The conference focused on lectures and discussions which provided the participants with an opportunity to both express and experience direct learning from leading experts from Israel and abroad in the different fields of science and technology, currently used for medical diagnosis in hospitals as well as scientific and technological companies working on the development of innovative technologies.

The conference organizers received positive feed-back, with many of the participants expressing their support for additional conferences in the future.

Dr. Jacob Mullerad.