Congratulations to Dr. Aviva Ron


Dr. Aviva Ron, a volunteer planning consultant at Ziv Medical Center, was awarded a certificate of recognition by the Israel Chamber of Information Systems Analysts.

Dr. Ron received this award for her unique and ground-breaking contribution to introducing computerized technology and information for the advancement and empowerment of medical services in Israel while working in the national administration of Clalit Health Fund.

The award was presented during the 21st annual conference of the Israel Chamber of Information Systems Analysts on March 23rd, 2015.

Dr. Aviva Ron has made immeasurable contributions to the field of public health since completing her Sc. D. at the Johns Hopkins University Bloomberg School of Public Health in 1970. Dr. Ron worked for the World Health Organization in Geneva, retiring from this organization as Director, Health Sector Development, Western Pacific Regional Office. She worked on 32 different projects in 27 countries.

Since retirement from WHO, Dr. Ron has been a resource person in social health protection at the International Training Centre of the International Labor Organization in Turin, Italy. She continues to consult for organizations including the World Health Organization, the International Labor Organization and the World Bank. She has served on multiple boards and committees has had major roles in the development of local and national hospitals and health programs.