Born in Joy and Sorrow


Dareen Assad, the widow of Jaddan Assad, who was killed by a terrorist in Jerusalem four months ago, gave birth to a son at Ziv Medical Center.
The birth was a caesarian with Dareen's mother accompanying her and Jaddan's family waiting anxiously outside the operating theater. Suhila Ghanim, a senior midwife in Ziv's Obstetrics/Gynecology Department, who attended to Dareen, said "I have accompanied thousands of births, but I will always remember this one, it was an extremely moving experience filled with both joy and sorrow".

"In the midst of our family's great loss and sorrow, we are all excited and focusing on the birth of the new baby, my brother's son. The entire family and especially Dareen have been through a difficult period since Jaddan's murder. The baby will be named after him and together with his three-year old brother, Amir, will keep Jaddan's memory alive, following in their father's footsteps" said Yichya Assad, Jaddan's brother.

Border Patrol Chief Inspector Jaddan Assad, from the Druze village Beit Jann, was 39 when his life was terminated on November 5th, 2014, by a Hamas terrorist who rammed his van into a crowd waiting for a train in Jerusalem, wounding 13 others, two of whom were severely wounded, before being shot dead by police.
Jadan's wife Dareen was then 6 months pregnant. He left behind a three-year-old son, parents and four siblings. May his memory be blessed.