Unexpected Meeting of Distinguished Guests


An unexpected meeting recently took place at Ziv Medical Center in Zefat, Israel. A group of Representatives from the United States Congress and a group of Senators and Members of Parliament from the Australian Federal Parliament, had the rare opportunity of meeting one another in the most surprising place – the lobby of Ziv Medical Center' ER. 

Both distinguished delegations visited Israel in order to gain an in-depth understanding of the most pressing challenges facing Israel. Their visit to Ziv Medical Center offered them an opportunity to learn about the humanitarian aid Israel provides to severely wounded Syrians, casualties of the civil war raging in Syria.

To date 490 men, women and children have received life saving treatment at Ziv Medical Center.

A bi-partisan delegation of Members of the United States House of Representatives,  sponsored by AIEF, a charitable organization affiliated with AIPAC, met with Prof. Eric Shinwell, Head of Ziv's Neonatal Emergency Department. The senior member traveling with the delegation was Rep. Alcee Hasting, a Democrat from Florida, who is currently serving his 12th term in the Congress. He was joined by Rep. Jim Renacci from Ohio and on the Republican side, by Rep. Steve Stivers also from Ohio and Rep. Todd Young from Indiana.

The delegation from Australia was sponsored by AIJAC and met with Dr. Michael Harari, a senior Pediatrician at Ziv. The delegation included Hon Mal Brough MP, Liberal Party Member for Fisher, Queensland; Senator Sean Edwards, Liberal Party Senator for South Australia; Hon Dr Andrew Leigh MP, Labor Party Member for Fraser, Capital Territory; Senator Bridget McKenzie, National Party Senator for Victoria; Ms Joanne Ryan MP, Labor Party Member for Lalor, Victoria and Senator Dean Smith, Liberal Party Senator for Western Australia.