MRI Diagnosis of Five-Day-Old Baby

Ziv's newly installed MRI was successfully used to identify an 8.5 cm tumor in a 5 day-old baby.  Two days after birth, the medical team found a suspicious protrusion in the baby's pelvis and she was hospitalized in the Neonatal Department for observation and treatment. The MRI examination was performed by a multi-disciplinary team including medical teams from the MRI Institute, the Neonatal and Anesthesiology Departments and the Head of Pediatric Surgery, Dr. Lili Hayari-Lunsky.
Dr. Saher Srour, Head of the MRI Institute said that infants and children undergoing MRI examinations are usually anesthetized to prevent movement during the 30-40 minute examination. "Anesthetization of newborns is extremely risky.

We therefore used a special device, existing in very few hospitals in Israel, which fastens the baby preventing movement" said Dr. Srour. 
Dr. Hayari-Lunsky added "Use of the MRI enabled us to make a precise diagnosis of the finding which was pressing upon the baby's kidneys and had to be removed immediately. Previously, this diagnosis could be made using CT, which we try to avoid when treating patients because of its radiation. We operated using a regional anesthetic. The baby was well enough to return home on the day following the operation."