Oncology Conference at Ziv


Prof. Jamal Zeidan, Head of Ziv's Oncology Institute, hosted a conference in which fifty physicians from the northern hospitals affiliated to the Bar-Ilan University Medical Faculty in Zefat, met to discuss innovations in the treatment of head-neck malignant tumors.

Following Prof. Zidan's opening presentation of the topic, physicians from Oncology, Otolaryngology (ENT) and Oral and Maxillofacial Department of the different hospitals presented a number of complex cases and Dr. Nicola Nasser from Ziv's Oncology Institute gave a lecture on radiation treatment combined with chemical and biological treatments of head and neck tumors.
"The importance of the meeting was the opportunity it provided for the exchange of knowledge and experience and the establishment of future cooperation and joint research projects, all of which will contribute to the strengthening of medical capabilities in the region", said Prof. Zidan.

 Prof. Jamal Zeidan and  Dr. Nicola Nasser