Knesset Committee on Social Equality

Dr. Ran Katz, Director of the Urology Department at Ziv Medical Center was invited to speak at the Knesset Special Committee for Distributive Justice and Social Equality, chaired by MK Miki Zohar. The subject of the committee's discussion was provision of incentives to doctors to move from the center of the country to the periphery.

MK Zohar stated at the opening of the discussion that one of the reasons that the state of medical services in the periphery is not as good as it is in the central areas of the country is that doctors chose to work in the center rather than move to the periphery. MK Zohar stated "I have no doubt that changing the current situation, will greatly improve the medical services in the periphery."

Dr. Katz who moved from Hadassah Hospital in Jerusalem to Ziv Medical Center in northern Israel told the committee that he and his family were pleased with the move. However, he stated that the process was not simple, besides taking a long time, he had to move his children to new schools, find a suitable place to live, find employment for his wife, not to mention the high cost of the move itself. Dr. Katz told the committee that high incentives were needed if the government wished to encourage doctors to move to the periphery.