A Blessed Initiative

A joint initiative of the Ministry of Interior and Ziv hosted representatives of the important religions in the region who shared a communal prayer for the Jewish, Christian, Muslim and Druze holidays which all took place in April. The 20 representatives visited patients in the different wards and met with management and staff.

Dr. Salman Zarka, Director of the Ziv Medical Center: "It is a wonderful idea to link all of the April holidays together, as an example of the diversity here in the North. 1,700 people work at the Ziv Medical Center and come from all ethnic groups and religions, working shoulder to shoulder, nights and days to heal people and save lives."

Anyone who comes here, to the emergency room, to the clinics, to the operating rooms or the various departments, is treated with the same heartfelt attention, with the highest professionalism, and with the best expertise and equipment. "It does not matter whether the patient is a Jew, a Druze, a Christian, a Muslim, a Circassian, or even a Syrian from a neighboring enemy country," Dr. Zarka said, adding to the distinguished clerics: "Through your personal visit to the patients at Ziv, you are helping us to reach better days, days of health, healing for the sick and wounded, and peace among all the people. We are excited that you have come here, and you have made the holidays even more meaningful and special".