Ziv Inaugurates Radiotherapy Institute

This past June, Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu and Minister of Health Yaakov Litzman inaugurated the new Radiotherapy Institute in the Ziv Medical Center, the first of its kind in the Upper Galilee.

Following twenty years of public struggle, the new Radiotherapy Institute for cancer patients has finally opened. It will serve patients from the far north of Israel who until now had to travel to Haifa and further for extended treatment. The institute is fitted out with state-of-the-art equipment and is the most advanced of its kind in the Middle East.

The ribbon cutting ceremony was attended by Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu, Minister of Health Yaakov Litzman, Mrs. Rébecca Boukhrisand Mr. Sidney Boukhris, Trustees of Adelis Foundation, Mr. Ilan Shochat, Mayor of Zefat, and senior staff of the hospital. PM Netanyahu stated that "the Minister of Health was a full partner in the struggle to minimize the gap in health services between the periphery and the center of the country and to ensure that all citizens benefit from basic lifesaving services, and today we see very moving results."

Minister Litzman announced that he and the Prime Minister have decided to acquire an additional linear accelerator to be used for radiotherapy at Ziv.

Professor Jamal Zidan, Director of the Oncology Department, explained to the guests at the ceremony that the International Energy Commission recommends four to five linear accelerators for every 1,000,000 people for radiotherapy purposes; the north of Israel had to make do with only four accelerators, all of which were located in Rambam Hospital in Haifa, for a population of 2,500.000. Many cancer patients from the north had to forego lifesaving treatments, each lasting only several minutes at a time, several times a week, because of the three hour journey in each direction to a hospital.

Prof. Zidan spoke of the many years of struggle to establish the institute; a committee of the Ministry of Health recommended against, and other hospitals also fought against the allotment of funds to establish the institute. Amutat Shatil was instrumental in the establishment of the Radiotherapy Institute and they are now working to receive funding for the staff, as well as specific funding for radiotherapy equipment.

The Adelis Foundation generously donated two advanced C.T. instruments to Ziv, one for the Radiotherapy Institute and the other for the Imaging Department. Rébecca Boukhris, asserted that the Adelis Foundation would continue to contribute to the furthering of medical services in the periphery of Israel. "Residents of the North, along with citizens of all outlying areas of the country, are an integral part of the state. Jewish values will not abide inequality on issues of health care and education. All are entitled to quality health care, education and equal opportunity. We will carry on supporting health and education in the peripheral areas".

The Chairman of Adelis Foundation, Mr. Albert Deloro and his wife Mrs. Claude Deloro, a Trustee of the Foundation, unfortunately were not able to attend the ceremony. The Adelis Foundation was founded by Mr. André Cohen Deloro (z"l) to strengthen the State of Israel through scientific research, education and welfare.