Head of Ziv's Pediatric Surgery Unit in China

A delegation of Israeli doctors, including the Head of Ziv's Pediatric Surgery Unit, Dr. Lili Hayari Lunsky, visited The Peoples Hospital in Diyang City, Sichuan Province, China, for an enriching, professional ten day meeting.

Dr. Hayari Lunsky said that there are 4 million residents in the city of Diang. The hospitals are very crowded with patients, mainly because there are no community medical services such as are provided by our health funds. This necessitates everyone to go to the hospitals. "The hospitals ae equipped with the most advanced equipment. MRI and CT scans are immediately available and doctors are excellent. The Chinese medical staff greatly appreciates Israeli medicine and the State of Israel in general. They expressed a strong desire to learn from us and were very excited about the possibility of our training pediatric surgeons, because unfortunately, they do not yet have any" Says Dr. Hayari Lunsky.

Dr. Lily Hayari Lunsky, who treated a Chinese child with cancer, as well as other children, including premature infants, summarized the visit: "The encounter with Chinese medicine has expanded our horizons. The doctors' determination, even in difficult circumstances, is impressive. The hospitality was heart-warming. I am hopeful that an infrastructure has been created for continued fruitful professional cooperation. "