Renewed Neurology and Geriatric Departments


MK Yifat Shasha Biton, whose main efforts in the Knesset are to change the perception of the genuine needs in the north and to formulate in-depth plans for its growth, said: "There is a need for additional funds and resources to be invested in the region. It is essential for local leaders to cooperate and work together to take full advantage of these resources to create integrated and organized long-term growth in health and other fields simultaneously.

Mr. Eli Malka welcomed the completion of the expansion of the important departments, wishing them success. He noted that there is currently a plan of all the mayors of the region to promote the Ziv Medical Center before the Knesset committees and government ministers. "We still have to invest hundreds of millions in medicine in the north in order to bring it up to the standard of the center of the country, and I promise that we, the mayors, will not let the government rest until the order of priorities changes and the required resources be transferred here", Malka said.

Dr. Salman Zarka thanked MK Shasha Biton for her extensive efforts to promote medicine in the north in general, and for Ziv in particular, and praised the local authorities on their cooperative efforts with Ziv in the advancement of medical services for residents of the north.

The Neurological Department, headed by Dr. Radhi Shahin, includes a hospital ward, clinics and a neurophysiological institute that carries out electrophysiological tests such as EEG, EMG, TCD. The unit is a center for diagnosing, treating and performing follow-up for patients suffering from a variety of major and minor neurological diseases and problems.

The Geriatric Department, headed by Dr. Yulia Vaserman, specializes in comprehensive treatment for elderly people suffering from severe illnesses, physical restrictions, pressure ulcers, bed rest, cognitive decline, functional problems, eating disorders, behavioral disorders, mental health problems and social problems. The department offers palliative care for advanced stage incurable diseases, in cooperation with the patient and his family, aiming to maintain human dignity and relieve the patient's suffering.