Safe After Swallowing Tack


Zohar, a 10 year-old from the Upper Galilee, was rushed by her father to Ziv's Emergency Room after accidentally swallowing a tack used to hang ads on a corkboard.

Ms. Orit Ohana, the head nurse of the Pediatric Emergency Medicine Department in Ziv, said that Zohar arrived at the emergency room with her father, fully conscious, both of them very frightened.

The child described feeling a stab in the throat area and minor shortness of breath. Dr. Saar Ohayon, of the Ear and Throat Department, immediately diagnosed a scratch in the inner pharynx adjacent to the main trachea and ordered an urgent x-ray. The tack was clearly located in the main right bronchus, which serves as the airway of the right lung. The decision was made for endoscopic surgery under complete anesthesia.