Visits to Ziv


Jason Greenblatt, the US president's envoy for Middle East negotiations, visited Ziv Medical Center during his recent trip to Israel.

Dr. Salman Zarka, Director of Ziv Medical Center, hosted Jason Greenblatt and his entourage, and thanked Greenblatt for this important visit and for the support of the United States on the issue of humanitarian care in Israel. Dr. Zarka gave Greenblatt the new book he co-authored with Prof. Alexander Lerner, published by Ziv Medical Center, on the treatment of complex war injuries.

Mr. Greenblatt met Prof. Alexander Lerner, Head of Orthopedics Department; Mr. Fares Issa, Social Worker; and Dr. Farhat Morshid Deputy Director of the Center. Greenblatt was impressed by the level of professional and humanitarian work afforded the wounded Syrians at the Ziv Medical Center. "This visit makes me more optimistic about the future of the region."

U. S. Assistant Secretary, Michael Rattani, who is serving as special envoy to Syria, visited Ziv Medical Center accompanied by other high- ranking officials. Rattani, an Arabic speaker, conversed with the wounded Syrians about the war being waged in their country for the sixth year, asking them about their war experiences and their feelings about the future of Syria


Kansas Governor Samuel Brownback, along with his wife and other senior officials, arrived at Ziv Medical Center to meet Dr. Salman Zarka, Director of Ziv Medical Center and Prof. Alexander Lerner, Head of Orthopedics, to hear about the humanitarian care provided to wounded Syrians over the past four and a half years.Governor Brownback was highly impressed by Ziv's care for the welfare of the citizens of Syria and said: "Thank you very much for the amazing work you are doing in the care and saving of life, even for the those who are defined as the enemy. We are all sons and daughters of God, God bless you for your work."


The chairman of the Labor, Welfare and Health Committee, MK Eli Alalouf and MK Moti Yogev (of the aforementioned committee and the Security Committee) visited Ziv Medical Center to learn more about the Center's needs.Dr. Salman Zarka briefed the Knesset Members on the present successes of Ziv as well as specifying what is still needed, including upgrading of infrastructures, and adding services not yet available in the area. Dr. Zarka said at the end of the visit: "I was greatly impressed by the initiative and willingness of MK Alalouf and MK. Yogev and the members of the committee to help promote health services in the northern periphery, alongside the obligation to finance the protection and improvement of Ziv's preparedness for emergency situations. I thank the Knesset members for their visit and their interest. I remain optimistic."