Ludwigsburg Medical Exchange Program


In accordance with the twin cities agreement between the Upper Galilee Regional Council and the District of Ludwigsburg, Germany, the third Ludwigsburg delegation visited Ziv Medical Center.

Cardiologist and Emergency Medicine Specialist, Dr. Stefan Stephanau, and Mr. Magnus Shalem, Head Nurse of the Operating Department from the Regionale Kliniken Holding RKH GmbH,arrived for a two week visit, getting to know hospital staff and learning about the work done in Ziv's various departments. Before leaving the two expressed their appreciation for the warm hospitality shown to them by their colleagues at Ziv

Mr. Magnus Shalem and Dr. Stefan Stephanau 

With Dr Zeev Israeli, Cardiologist

,With Mr Janan Nachle, Head Nurse operation rooms and Dr Alexander Issacson Head Directopr of the Anesthesia Unit


With the Intensive Care unit  

With Prof. Zidan Jamal , Head Director of the Oncology Department