Seminar for Physiotherapists at Ziv

A seminar for physiotherapists organized by the Ziv Walker Clinic in cooperation with the School of Physical Therapy, Safed Academic College was held at Ziv Medical Center


The aim of the Walker Clinic is to enable children with cerebral palsy and similar disabilities to experience movement and mobility. The seminar dealt with topics such as medical innovations in cerebral palsy, diagnosis and division into functional levels.

The conference, initiated by physiotherapists Ms. Leora Shaniuk and Ms. Sharon Eisenberg, was attended by health care professionals from various disciplines as well as parents of children with special needs. The emphasis was on joint learning, with the aim of providing therapeutic solutions for the children.

Dr. Morshid Farhat, Deputy Director, Ziv and Dr. Smadar Peleg, Head of Physiotherapy, Safed Academic College praised the cooperation between the Medical Center and the Academic College which culminated in the successful day.