President Rivlin Hosted a Delegation from Ziv Medical Center


The President of Israel, Mr. Reuven (Rubi) Rivlin, recently hosted members of Ziv Medical Center's staff, including Colonel (Ret.) Dr. Salmon Zarka, Director General, doctors, nurses, social workers and administrative managers.

Dr. Zarka thanked President Rivlin for his hospitality and said that it is a great honor for both the employees present and those remaining on duty in the hospital. Dr. Zarka described recent developments in the Center, including a radiotherapy institute for cancer patients, a re-enforced children's hospital, a new research institute and an MRI institute. Dr. Zarka also noted that a new PET-CT institute will soon be opened, providing a service to cancer patients that until now required travelling to the center of the country. "The advancements in Ziv Medical Center", explained Dr. Zarka, "was facilitated by the Minister of Health Yaakov Litzman, and supported by the Forum of the Heads of the Eastern Galilee Authorities". He also explained the importance of the professional and research collaboration with Bar-Ilan University's Azrielli Faculty of Medicine in Zefat, as well as their help in attracting leading medical professionals to the area.

The members of the delegation presented themselves to the President as "The Ziv Family" and invited the President to visit the Galilee and Ziv Medical Center. They presented the President with the book "Trauma and Complex Trauma Injuries and their Treatment: The Israeli Experience in Medical and Humanitarian Assistance to Syrian Casualties", written and edited by Dr. Alexander Lerner, Head of the Orthopedic Department and Dr. Zarka. The book was published with the aim of sharing with others the knowledge acquired through the experience of the medical and social teams treating complex war injuries during five years of humanitarian aid to the wounded from the civil war in Syria.

President Rivlin thanked Dr. Zarka and the staff of the Medical Center saying "Ziv Hospital is in a critical location for Israel's security; you are doing a wonderful job and representing the beautiful face of Israel." He said that the President's Residence will purchase a number of books which the President will distribute to world leaders with whom he meets, both in Israel and abroad.