Annual Nursing Research Conference

The Annual Nursing Research Conference held at Ziv Medical Center, organized by the Nursing Administration headed by Mr. Arie Bitan, was very successful.

The conference addressed professional and ethical issues in the field of nursing and presented results of research conducted by the medical and nursing staff of Ziv, in cooperation with members of the academia.
Dr. Salman Zarka, Director of the Ziv Medical Center, delivered the opening remarks at the conference.
Present were representatives of hospitals and academic institutions from the North, amongst them Dr. Radi Shahin, Head of Neurology and Research, Ziv Medical Center;  Dr. Tsippi  Regev Avraham and Ms. Michal Didon, members of Ziv's nursing administration;  Professor Manfred Green, School of Public Health, Haifa University; Professor Rabia Khalaila, Director of Nursing Department, Zefat Academic College; Adv. Helen Zahavi Malka, Director of Nursing, Padeh Medical Center, Poria; Dr. Levana Ogni,  Nursing School Director, Ziv; nurses, students and lecturers from Ziv and from other hospitals in the north.
The first session of the conference focused on patients, the second session on promoting nursing research in a multicultural, professional environment.
Mr. Arie Bitan stated that research is an integral part of the nursing profession and that the success of the conference is an expression of the high standard of nursing at Ziv, both in their treatment of patients and in their high ranking research.
"Several of the research projects presented will also be presented at international conferences, as important, groundbreaking studies in the search to improve treatment methods and further the patients' well-being" he said, thanking all those who
gave of their time and energy to ensure the success of the conference.
He also expressed his appreciation of the entire nursing staff at Ziv whose dedication and hard work improve the treatment offered to the patients at Ziv.

Guest lecturer, Prof. Manfred Green, delivered a lecture on "Meta-Analysis and Decision-Making". Prof. Green, a prominent epidemiologist who heads the international Master’s Degree program of Haifa University together with the University of Georgia, is an expert in public health, medical administration and occupational medicine.
Other lectures at the conference were on topics relevant to the field of nursing and to the medical sectors involved in research, addressing both staff and patients: "Between a Statistical Error and a Clinical Error There is a Patient”, Dr. Rabia khalaila, Director of Nursing Department, Zefat Academic College; "The Effect of Passive Smoking on Arrhythmias”, Dr. Tsipi Regev Avraham;
"Managing the Treatment of Pain after Caesarean Section and its Impact on the Mother’s Functioning and her Pain Experience", Dr. Salam Hadid, Galilee Medical Center, Nahariya;
"Teaching Ethics in a Multicultural Environment - The Challenge for Nursing Education Practitioners," Dr. Levana Ogni, Director, Ziv's Nursing School; "The Claim of Cultural Protection in Cases of Honor Killings - a Comparative Ruling in Israeli Courts", Adv. Helene Zahavi Malka, Director of Nursing, Padeh Medical Center, Poria; "Factors affecting CPR” Mr. Shauli Kabsa, Deputy Head Nurse, Department of Emergency Medicine.