Ambassadors of Hope

Dr. Alejandro Roisentul received a prestigious international award in Madrid for humanitarian assistance to the wounded from the civil war in Syria.

The prize was awarded to Dr. Alejandro Roisentul for his achievements in oral and maxillofacial surgery in the framework of the humanitarian assistance given by Ziv Medical Center, for the past five years, to the Syrian victims of the civil war.
Accompanied by his 25 year old daughter, Natanela, Dr. Roisentul received the award from the President of the SECIB, Professor Edward Valmassada-Castellon, who warmly congratulated the Israeli winner and said that the members of the Prize Committee were very impressed by the extensive and professional work carried out by the hospital in aid of the Syrian wounded.

Dr. Roisentul thanked the President of the SECIB, the award committee and the team of professors and senior physicians who came from all over Spain to honor the event.
"This award belongs to the devoted group of doctors, nurses, social workers and paramedics who provide life-saving treatments to the Syrian victims in an Israeli government hospital in the small town of Zefat, only 40 kilometers from the Syrian border and 11 kilometers from the Lebanese border." said Dr. Roisentul.
He spoke of the personal responsibility of Col. (reserve) Dr. Salman Zarka, Director of Ziv Medical Center, in treating Syrian victims, from the time when the first casualties arrived in the area, in the winter of 2013.
While still serving in the IDF as a senior medical officer, Dr. Zarka founded and directed the military hospital for humanitarian treatment on the Syrian border.

Dr. Roisentul added that the prize is a tribute to the State of Israel, "which totally supports our work, recognizing that the medical team will do everything necessary to save human lives in the most professional manner possible. We at Ziv believe in humanitarian action for the benefit of others and are guided by strong moral values and principles of human rights. We have faith that this will create a hope for the people of the Middle East and show our colleagues, doctors and surgeons around the world, that medical assistance can serve as a tonic against violence and as a bridge of peace”.