Dr. Ivgeny Solomonov, Da Vinci & Hong Kong

Dr. Ivgeny Solomonov, Director of the surgical department at Ziv Medical Center, one of the world's leading surgeons in robotic liver and pancreatic surgery, was invited to lecture at the prestigious 10th International Conference on Robotic Surgery (CRSA) in Hong Kong.

Dr. Solomonov Director of the surgical department, raised a great deal of interest among conference attendees, doctors and international experts, when he presented methods of treatment of the "robotic liver carcinoma" in the robotic method, a unique surgical approach using the robotic surgical system Da Vinci.

The unique case presented by Dr. Solomonov at the International Conference described a patient with cancer metastases in the liver that has been successfully treated with robotic surgery instead of chemotherapy.

"The treatment was carried out using a multidisciplinary approach combining several surgical techniques," Dr. Solomonov explained, "We performed very high energy radiation (SBRT) that simulates the operation of the surgical knife and destroys the metastases with maximum accuracy. The dose and radiation volume can be planned in advance, using sophisticated equipment, so that the damage to nearby healthy organs will be very low.

"The robotic approach is the most advanced stage in the evolution of surgery that significantly shortens the process of recovery and rehabilitation of patients. To date, China, Japan, India and Korea are the leading countries in the field of surgical robotics, with a significant gap in Western countries," said Dr. Solomonov, adding that he hoped to develop future collaboration between the surgical department at Ziv Medical Center and advanced surgical departments in hospitals in the Far East.

"Hong Kong is an amazing city that combines many different cultures and therefore was a perfect place for surgeons from various fields, including specialists in the surgery of blood vessels, stomach, liver, pancreas, transplants and more.