The 23rd Annual Youth Diabetes Conference

The 23rd Conference on Juvenile Diabetes was held in the Auditorium of the Children's Health Center in Ziv.

 Presented at the conference were the latest technologies available today to help manage a routine lifestyle for young diabetics, including cell phone applications and features monitoring blood glucose.
Participants included Dr. Anan Abassi, Deputy Director of Ziv Medical Center; Prof. Karl Skorecki, Dean of the Azrieli Faculty of Medicine, Bar-Ilan University; Mr. Shuki Ohana, Mayor of Safed; Mr. Rafik Mar'i, Head of Hurfeish Council; Mr. Larry Idelson, Director General, The Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation in Israel; Mr. Motti  Perlmutter, Director, Israel Diabetes Association; Ms. Etty Lahav, Area Coordinator, Sasa Stone, "Kav Or"; Mr. Shadi Cassis, Director, Shujan Association (the brave); diabetic children and youth and their families, leading researchers, senior physicians and department heads from hospitals throughout Israel and from Ziv, nurses, nutritionists, representatives of pharmaceutical and medical equipment companies and more.

Dr. Orna Dali-Gottfried, Director of the Brainin Center for Juvenile Diabetes and Endocrinology for Children at Ziv Medical Center and initiator of the conference, opened the conference by welcoming all the participants and explaining that diabetes is a disease requiring continuous supervision; the staff at the clinic work around the clock, including Saturdays and holidays. "The real heroes are the patients and their families, who face such difficult challenges in their aspiration to maintain a normal lifestyle as much as possible. My door is always open to you and my ears are attentive to hear you at any hour of the day. The diabetic clinic in Ziv treats diabetic patients from all over the country and we use the most innovative equipment available today in the world. We are here for you and with you." said Dr. Dali-Gottfried.

Dr. Anan Abbasi, Deputy Director of the Ziv Medical Center in Safed, welcomed the participants and partners from academic institutions and local authorities and said that Ziv's vision rests on four elements: professionalism and excellence, patient experience, community health and a family culture that encourages a healthy lifestyle. "The health services provided at the Diabetes Clinic and the conference we hold each year reflect the foundations of Ziv's vision."
 Mr. Shuki Ohana, Safed's mayor, said that the work of the diabetes clinic at Ziv is impressive and inspiring. "The cooperation between the local authorities and Ziv in developing medical services in the Galilee in general and in Safed in particular, is of great importance" Ohana said.